“Gruhvina is a calm and diligent woman. He will shoot and act, but not right away” – Shashilov

Head coach of the Russian women’s biathlon team Mikhail Shachilov told in an interview with “” how a person who comes from cross-country skiing gets used to shooting Anna Gruhvina .

Shashilov’s squad held their first pre-season training camp in Raubichi, with the emphasis on shooting practice. In the next few days, biathletes are waiting for a medical examination and departure for the second training event in Sochi.

– What can you say about the shooting of Anna Grukhvina, who gave up skiing?

– Go shoot. And she will perform, but not as soon as Natasha Shevchenko, who entered the competitive level in her freshman year. It is difficult to develop both movement and shooting. Plus, slightly different characters: Anna gradually comes to everything, and Natasha is a real sprinter, she needs everything at once. She bites, won’t let her leave the shooting range before her. If there are cartridges left, be sure to fire everything to the end. Anna is a calm woman, from another series. But she is diligent and fits well into the team,” Shashilov said in an interview with .

The Shashilov group, in addition to Grukhvina, includes Irina Kazakevich, Tamara Derbusheva, Anastasia Shevchenko, Natalia Shevchenko, Anastasia Batmanova, Yulia Sheller and Kira Dyuzheva.

Source : MatchTV

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