Biathlete Tsvetkov misses training camp in Kazakhstan due to transfer to Kaminsky Group, Bashkirov says

Coach of the Russian national biathlon team Sergei Bashkirov told that the Beijing Olympics bronze medalist, who trained in his group Maxim Tsvetkov transferred to the team Yuri Kaminsky the biathlete misses the Kazakhstan collection.

The biathletes of the Bashkirov group began training on Wednesday in the Kazakh city of Shchuchinsk. The team also includes Kirill Bazhin, Alexander Povarnitsyn, Oleg Domichek and Ivan Kolotov.

– Did you go to training camp in Kazakhstan for the first time?

– Yes, it’s true. We decided to try a new place because we had a lot of positive reviews from different people. One of the highlights is also related to the allergies of athletes. It was important for us to avoid flowering. When I got here, there was no such problem.

– Do I understand that the guys liked the shooting range? It’s always windy there, and can you practice shooting in a windy environment?

— So far we’ve worked one day, so it’s hard to say how changeable the weather is. This morning the weather was good, then the wind picked up. You can talk about the wind conditions here after halfway through the rally. But in any case, of course, you have to practice shooting in difficult wind conditions.

Did Kaminsky recommend a place?

– Even last year we wanted to come to training camp, but it didn’t work out. We have known this place for a long time, but it was our first time here.

– In which composition did you go there?

– At the moment we have five people: Povarnitsyn, Tomshin, Bazhin, Kolotov and Domichek.

– Is Tsvetkov absent?

“Tsvetkov joined the Kaminsky group,” Bashkirov told .

In May, the Russian Biathlon Union announced the compositions for the preparations for the 2023/24 season. Tsvetkov was part of the Bashkirov team.

Source : MatchTV

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