Stepanova: “Sometimes you have to hear that I am against the West. This is complete nonsense – I’m against egalitarianism”

Olympic cross-country skiing champion Veronika Stepanova in a column on , she wrote that she is not an opponent of the West, but only opposes specific things she has encountered in those countries.

By decision of the International Ski Federation (FIS), Russian and Belarusian athletes missed the 2022/23 international season. In May, the FIS confirmed the suspension of Russians and Belarusians until further notice.

– The best in the profession always receive more attention and respect, higher salaries. To each according to his work. More precisely, according to the results of the work. Any other approach is egalitarian. And I don’t like leveling.

Sometimes you hear that I am against the West. This is complete nonsense – I am against the individual and specific things I have encountered in the West. One of them is a drift towards leveling. In cross-country skiing, for example, she flourishes there.

Here is a specific example from the correspondence, real ski fans will easily understand which team we are talking about: “Our ski federation would rather have eight athletes in the national team than invest all the money in two who have a chance to win something. For example, the team sprint. And since we don’t have enough money for normal training camps for everyone, we don’t win anything, we don’t care about the media, our races don’t get on TV, the sponsors don’t s not interested in us.

We do not have such valuable and necessary specialists who are fired because it is necessary to make room for someone’s parent, matchmaker, friend or to get more athletes so that no one don’t be offended. If other federations/teams have them, these are their problems and they must solve them. We do not have. In business, the value of an employee is measured by the profit he has brought to the company. In sport it is even more logical: if you win medals, you are a hero, we need you. I did not win – not very useful cargo, – wrote Stepanova.

Source : MatchTV

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