The RBU Coaching Council adopted the draft criteria for the formation of groups of the Russian national team and approved the criteria for evaluating the work of coaches

The Coaching Council of the Russian Biathlon Union (RUB) adopted the draft criteria for the formation of national team groups Russia for centralized training, said RRF vice-president Pavel Rostovtsev .

— The draft criteria for forming a team for centralized training was reviewed and adopted by the coaches council. The Executive Committee must approve it. The main provisions are as follows: 16 men will be involved in centralized training, of which 8 – based on sports results, 8 – based on the decisions of coaches. According to the result – the best ranking based on the results of performances in the Russian Cup, three people – according to the SBR ranking, three people – according to the results of the Spartakiad in Zlatoust and the Russian Championship in Olympic disciplines in Tyumen and the best junior.

Biathlete candidates who will be involved by coaching decision must be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Coaching Council. Based on the dynamics of sports results, comprehensive tests and potential reserve capabilities of the body,” Rostovtsev said in an interview with the press service of the SBR.

He also said that the RBU had adopted criteria to evaluate the work of coaches.

— The head of the RRF (Viktor Maigurov) set himself this task. The RBU Coaching Council has adopted criteria by which we will evaluate the activities of our group coaches in the spring. It consists of four elements. The performance of athletes of each group during the main competitions of the season (Zlatoust Spartakiad of the Strongest and Russian Championship) and the achievement of model characteristics of competitive activity will be taken into account. This is a kind of forecast of the level of our athletes corresponding to the level of world leaders in biathlon in terms of skiing speed and shooting quality.

In addition, each athlete is assigned a target value for the quality of shooting (percentage of hits compared to last season’s data) and a sports result – what he should become in the SBR ranking and what places he should to occupy. If 70-75% of the athletes in the coach’s group meet these conditions, the situation is one thing; if they don’t, that’s another. This is a test mode, everything is not perfect, we will see in March or April how it works.

How will speed be measured? Each group has an analyst, so laps up to one meter are measured before each competition, except for entering and exiting the line. We understand these distances, they are mathematics, the speed in meters per second is quite easy to calculate, but this will be done by a specially trained person, ”Rostovtsev noted.

Russian and Belarusian biathletes have been suspended from competitions under the auspices of the International Biathlon Union (IBU).

Source : MatchTV

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