“Now is not the time to take a step towards hostile countries” – Bazhanova about Semirunny’s transfer to the Polish national team

Olympic speed skating champion Svetlana Bazhanova told that the transfer of Russian speed skater Vladimir Semirunny to the Polish national team is not the best step at the moment.

Semirunniy told on Monday that he had informed the Russian Skating Union of his desire to compete for the Polish national team. The skater is already in Poland. The 20-year-old athlete started cycling training before the season and working out in the gym.

— He probably has some sort of motivation in this decision. If we talk about choosing a country, athletes always look where it is best. But now is not the time to head towards countries that are hostile to us. For example, Kazakhstan is, in my opinion, preferable for such things. But: where I was born, I was useful there!

Actually, it’s funny: even in the best of times, no one ever wanted to play for Poland. It’s very interesting what motivated him. I think it’s unlikely he’ll be accepted again if he wants to come back. But it seems that he made this choice consciously. Surely he understands that a side step in Poland is not the best thing,” Bazhanova told .

The International Skating Union (ISU) previously confirmed the suspension of Russian athletes from tournaments under its auspices due to the situation in Ukraine.

Source : MatchTV

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