“This bronze is like gold for me” – Emerkhonov about third place in the individual race at the Chechen Championship

Biathlete Evgeny Emerkhonov told that he was very pleased with the third place in the individual race of the Alfa-Bank Russian Summer Biathlon Championship.

Kirill Streltsov won the 20-kilometer individual race at the Russian Championships in Tyumen. The athlete achieved a time of 51 minutes 9 seconds, making a mistake. Nikita Porshnev (+2.8) took second place, Evgeniy Emerkhonov (+10.0) took third place.

— On the track, the sensations and well-being today were significantly better than the previous days, especially in the sprint. Today I was preparing to shoot, I of course wanted to shoot zero, but, as usual, it is very difficult to do that in our sport. Apparently, I hesitated a little while lying down, but I am very happy that I passed the last milestone, because in the summer it was very difficult and painstaking work, when I always missed the last shot, and Maxim Gennadievich [Максимов] I scolded him a lot for that (smile). Overall, of course, I’m very happy with this bronze medal, and I probably won’t say that I deserved a gold medal today, this bronze medal is like gold for me.

—Have you ever had a zero on four lines of fire?

– No, that never happened. I hope everything is ahead, because last season there were a lot of races where I shot three zeros, then I shot two misses, or two misses and three zeros, or two zeros, then two misses and a zero… Everyone The time I had these two. We were haunted by failures throughout last season, but today we managed to move on without them.

– Today Shetko lost only 0.4 seconds to you. He finished after you, did you follow his end?

— I didn’t follow because I didn’t know, I just finished and gave interviews. I just looked at the scoreboard and saw who finished how. And of course I was very happy that I overtook Roman Eremin and Igor Shetko by only 0.4 seconds,” Emerkhonov told .

Watch live broadcasts of the races of the Alfa-Bank Russian Championship on the channel, as well as on the sites sportbox.ru and matchtv.ru.

Source : MatchTV

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