“The big one suggests the words: “Girls, let’s dance with Bilan” – Kazakevich about the incident at the Olympians ball

Biathlete Irina Kazakevich, medalist at the 2022 Olympic Games, told how, together with two-time Olympic fencing champion Sofia Velikaya, biathlete Reztsova and skier Stupak, she danced with singer Dima Bilan at the Forum of Champions and winners of the Olympic Games. Tokyo 2020 and Beijing -2022.

— Last December, we had an Olympian ball. And this was the first ball where, from what I understood, they brought the summer and winter routes together in one place. There were medalists and champions from all the Olympic Games. And at first I had doubts whether I should go there or not, because I went there directly from the Russian Cup from Ufa, then I had the Commonwealth Cup in Ryazan, and I had to rest. But once I got to this place, I didn’t regret it.

—Did you manage to communicate with anyone at this Olympic ball?

— I was more introduced to certain leaders. But we danced with Sophie la Grande, she rocked to Dima Bilan (smile). He came out at the end and we danced with him.

Then Kristina Reztsova was pregnant and already had such a great belly, and she said, “Let’s go dancing.” And she and I go on stage, and Sophia comes up with the words: “Girls, let’s go dance with Bilan.” And she joined him on stage (smile). And it was my first time in such a place, and for me it was a kind of shock (laughs). That is, we were next to each other and Sophia had fun with him, Yulia Stupak was also there, ”Kazakevich told .

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Source : MatchTV

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