Sanitra: We need to start preparing a model for preparing for the 2026 Olympic Games

The 2023/24 Biathlon World Cup starts in Ostersund, Sweden on November 25

Men’s head coach Ukrainian biathlon team Juraj Sanitra spoke about the stages of preparation for the upcoming season. According to Sanitra, the training camp will undergo a number of changes – in particular, the team will not be based in Ramsau, Austria.

“According to the plan that we developed at the beginning of the season, everyone who is healthy started and competed at the Ukrainian Championship in Syanki. Then everyone went home for a short time, and in early October we are going to a team training camp in Germany. There we will ski in a special tunnel in Oberhof. The roll-in is planned for this year in Kontiolahti, Finland, where conditions are good.”

“This year we will not hold a training camp in Ramsau, Austria, in October, as in previous seasons. Because there are problems with snow, and not everything technically on the part of the organization works as needed for the training process. That’s why we’re trying a new model.”

“This is the second year that we are starting in the Olympic cycle. That is, we have the opportunity to try new methods, including in the training process. Let’s see what the result of this will be. We also need to start preparing a model of preparation for the 2026 Olympic Games, which will be in Antholz, Italy. We know this center very well, we know the conditions. But this year we will not work purposefully yet. I have this planned for the third year of the Olympic cycle, if everything goes as it should. Even then we will test the model of preparation for the Olympic Games 2026.”

“The start of the World Cup season will be in Scandinavia, as will all three stages of the IBU Cup. Therefore, now we need to think about how we will ensure starts in these competitions. Therefore, we will proceed from the fact that Team B, consisting of 3 or 4 athletes, will go to Scandinavia for a skating event. From team A, after the roll-in, we will select 6 athletes for the World Cup in Ostersund, the remaining two will go to the IBU Cup. Before Hochfilzen, we will send one more athlete from Team A to the IBU Cup. Therefore, 3 athletes will compete at the IBU Cup from the main team and additionally there will be athletes from Team B. This is due to the fact that I am counting on Dmitry Pidruchny in Hochfilzen, if everything goes well Fine”.

At the start of the season, Sanitra will not be able to count on Dmitry Pidruchny. One of the leaders of the Ukrainian national team broke his arm after falling from a bicycle during training in August. Dmitry missed the 2023 Summer World Championships due to injury. Pidruchny previously said that he plans to return to the second or third stage of the World Cup.

The 2023/24 Biathlon World Cup starts in Ostersund, Sweden on November 25. The 2024 World Cup will be held in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, from February 7 to 18.

Source: Sportarena

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