“It’s better to run alone than over strangers.” Coach Guryev spoke about the situation with roller skis at the Russian Championships in Ufa

Coach of the youth biathlon team of the Tyumen region Leonid Guriev told that athletes are more comfortable competing on their own roller skis than those brought by the supplier.

On Wednesday, correspondent Dmitry Zanin reported that the organizers of the Russian championship among boys and girls aged 17-18 did not provide roller skis to the participants. Later, Sergei Averyanov, press secretary of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU), confirmed that the counterparty brought low-quality roller skates to Ufa.

— I am in Ufa now. Everyone went out on roller skis, no one was leading anything, everything was fine. There are no problems with the rollers, there are more problems in winter: the powder is not the same, the lubricant is not the same, the structure is not the same, but here everything is fine. It’s better to use your own than the ones they bring. Everyone trained alone this summer.

— What could you say about the supplier?

— The 2019 rollerblades, our guys tried them – nothing! Well, only 60 pairs were brought, we went alone – everything was fine, ”Guryev told .

Source : MatchTV

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