“Sasha has gotten used to the role of the Joker. This image of a psychopath suited him like no one else. » – wife of biathlete Povarnitsyn

Arina Povarnitsyna, wife of the Biathlon World Cup medalist Alexandra Povarnitsyn in a conversation with , she appreciated the image of her husband in the role of the Joker during the prologue in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The competition took place on Tuesday on the eve of the second stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Biathlon Cup. Athletes competed in the 100-meter ski sprint without a rifle, determining the strongest in knockout duels. Povarnitsyn, who plays for the “Kings of the Quiet Hour” team, lost to Dmitry Ivanov from the “Chuck-Chuck Norris” team in the quarterfinals and lost his chance to win the tournament.

— Sasha went out for a sprint dressed as Joker. How surprised were you by this? And did such an image suit Sasha?

— I was not surprised by Sasha’s image, because a few weeks ago he said that Kira Dyuzheva (biathlete of Mikhail Shachilov’s group – editor’s note) wanted to make him look like the Joker. Then they announced the start of the prologues, which is why everything coincided so well, and they decided to make such a show. All this was thought up by the guys from the “Union of Three Biathletes”, diversifying these competitions. It seems to me that Sasha suited this image of a psychopath like no one else, he really got used to the role and turned out great in the photographs.

– Should everyone follow his example and do something like this?

“Today all of us, and especially those who participated in the process, received a lot of positive emotions. We are always impressed, so the other guys must 100% follow Sasha’s example,” Povarnitsyna told .

At each individual stage, the winners of the competition receive 50, 40 and 30 thousand rubles and points for ranking, respectively. The winning team will receive 1 million rubles at the end of the season.

Watch the first races of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup stage in Khanty-Mansiysk on Friday, December 1 live on the channel, as well as on the matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru websites.

Source : MatchTV

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