The SBR said prologue teams will not be able to make substitutions during the season.

Executive Director of the Russian Biathlon Union (RUB) Alexander Pak reported to that teams formed to participate in the prologues will not have the opportunity to make substitutions in their lineups.

The Prologue is a pre-start competition organized for the first time by the SBR before the main competition program of the Alfa-Bank Commonwealth Cup, Championship and Cup of Russia in eight cities of the country. The first stage took place on Tuesday in Khanty-Mansiysk, the biathletes took part in the 100 meter ski event with elimination. Won the men’s final Alexander Kornev in women – Anna Grukhvina .

– I was asked questions to find out who invented this. I answer: not me. This format was still used in the 2000s, as SBR veterans tell me. Additionally, last season and early this season refreshed our memories of this format. We decided to combine the experience of past years, organize it in the form of an extended tournament, so that this story was not only individual, but also team.

Personally, I think the competition was four or four plus on a five-point scale, taking into account that the decision to hold it was made not so long ago and there was no not much time for organization, more local organization The committee, which made all its efforts, was still faced with a new format. For the first time, everything is fine. The athletes are happy, the spectators are happy. Will viewers of the show be satisfied? Let’s see. Well, for now, the numbers make us happy.

— Will there also be a hundred meter race in the next prologues or will there be the possibility of doing something else?

“We will discuss this with the athletes so that it does not affect other competitions.” We will determine which format will be interesting for spectators and athletes. We agreed with the team captains that they would discuss the nuances among themselves, after which we would all talk together.

— As the season progresses, can new teams appear?

– No. We agreed that we would have these four teams. Furthermore, we have agreed that there will be no possibility of replacement in the teams. We have team competitions, so it’s probably a mistake to count new teams.

— Is there anyone unhappy among those who failed to join the teams?

– I think so. These are commercial competitions. I am sure there are unhappy people who were not invited to the “Christmas Race”, to the “Race of Champions”. Well, that’s how it happened,” Pak told .

At each individual stage, the winners of the competition receive 50, 40 and 30 thousand rubles and points for ranking, respectively. The winning team will receive 1 million rubles at the end of the season.

Watch the first races of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup stage in Khanty-Mansiysk on Friday, December 1 live on the channel, as well as on the and websites.

Source : MatchTV

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