Sanitra: We lost the relay race at one point. It’s unclear what Dudchenko was doing on the bench

Anton earned three penalties at the last stage

Head coach Ukrainian men’s biathlon team Juraj Sanitra summed up the results of the classical relay at the first stage of the World Cup in Östersund.

Ukrainian biathletes finished the team race in 14th place, and Anton Dudchenko earned three penalty loops at the last stage.

“Today we lost the relay at one point. It is not clear what Anton Dudchenko was doing there on the bench. If he had shot well, he could have fought on the track. Our position was good, we could compete for 7-8th place. I will say that the guys worked better on the track today. However, there is still room for improvement. We need to get back to the form we had during training in Finland.”

“I think Anton lacks a little confidence in prone shooting. We need to change something. Once he shoots well, then he has problems again, especially in the prone position. We will look for options so that he can perform well during shooting.”

“Taras Lesyuk’s stage? There is nothing to think about, there was contact, so there is no need to let the opponents go. In a relay, tempo tactics cannot work; he did the right thing by sticking with the Swiss Niklas Hartweg. After all, he was strong, so he ran with him. It was necessary to cover it with one additional cartridge in standing shooting and I would be happy. I lost 53 seconds on my stage to Johannes Boe, so I think it was right.”

“Artem Prima shot very well, he has no problems with shooting. But I still don’t like his speed. At first it was quite heavy. At the end I woke up a little, but so far this is not the Artem I would like to see on the track.”

“Line-up for the sprint race? 100% Denis Nasyko and Bogdan Tsymbal will run. Of the four running the relay, one will rest. We will determine who exactly tomorrow morning.”

The Norwegian team won the men’s relay. France and Germany finished the race in the top 3.

On Friday, December 1, the Östersund stage will continue with the women’s sprint race, starting at 15:45. Five representatives of Ukraine will take part in the sprint: Anna Krivonos (4th starting number), Kristina Dmitrenko (No. 6), Anastasia Merkushina (No. 38), Lyubov Kipyachenkova (No. 60) and Daria Blashko (No. 91). You can view the full start list Here.

Source: Sportarena

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