Jeanmonneau won the sprint in Östersund, the Ukrainians are outside the top 40

The best result among Ukrainians is 48th place by Merkushina

Today, December 1, in the Swedish Östersund at the first stage Biathlon World Cup 2023/24 took place women’s sprint race.

The winner of the sprint was Lou Jeanmonneau, which made no mistakes on two firing lines. For the 25-year-old Frenchwoman, this is the first individual victory at the World Cup. Previously, she took first place four times as part of the national team in classical and mixed relay races.

Jeanmonneau was 8.5 seconds ahead of Caroline-Offigstad Knotten of Norway. Another representative of Norway, Uni Arnekleive, took third place.

The best among Ukrainians was Anastasia Merkushina, who finished the race in 48th place. Khristina Dmitrenko took 49th position, losing less than 2 seconds to her compatriot.

Three more Ukrainians were not included in the top 60: Anna Krivonos (62nd place), Lyubov Kipyachenkova (74th) and Daria Blashko (78th). Note that Blashko made only one mistake, but lost too much with her move at a distance.

The men’s sprint race in Östersund will take place on December 2, starting at 15:45 Kyiv time. On Sunday, December 3, the final competitions of the first stage will take place – the pursuit race for men and women.


1. Lou Jeanmonneau (France, 0+0) 21:04.1
2. Caroline-Offigstad Knotten (Norway, 1+0) +8.5
3. Uni Arnekleive (Norway, 0+1) +17.6
4. Franziska Preuss (Germany, 1+1) +18.3
5. Vanessa Voigt (Germany, 0+1) +20.0
6. Ingrid-Landmark Tandrevold (Norway, 0+2) +23.8
7. Marte Krakstad Johansen (Norway, 0+0) +27.6
8. Gillon Guigonnat (France, 0+0) +32.8
9. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy, 0+0) +33.7
10. Mona Brursson (Sweden, 0+0) +34.8

48. Anastasia Merkushina (Ukraine, 1+1) +2:08.5
49. Kristina Dmitrenko (Ukraine, 0+2) +2:10.2
62. Anna Krivonos (Ukraine, 1+2) +2:31.4
74. Lyubov Kipyachenkova (Ukraine, 3+1) +3:00.1
78. Daria Blashko (Ukraine, 0+1) +3:11.8

Source: Sportarena

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