“We ran to Kemerovo at -32 with gaiters, two socks and newspapers wrapped around our feet. Someone is waving at the window, no one has complained.” – Tikhonov

Quadruple Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov told how during his sporting career he performed in cold weather of -32 degrees Celsius.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that the stage of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup in Tyumen was canceled due to frost. At the lowest point of the route, the temperature dropped to -23 degrees.

— It is clear that there are rules: if the temperature is below -20 degrees, it is not recommended to freeze athletes. The right decision, of course, but you have to plan for it and look at the forecasts. We have many shooting ranges in the Urals, and at one time we used to plan for Siberia as spring approaches, at the end of February. And no one has ever been wrong.

But we had a different generation, I remember we raced in -32 degrees in Kemerovo. They all got frostbite, ran with gaiters, two socks, wrapped newspapers around their feet and then put on their boots. Sometimes someone waves a glass and heads to the start line, that’s normal. I don’t remember anyone complaining,” Tikhonov told .

Watch broadcasts of the Alfa-Bank Russian Cup races on the channels of the Match holding company, as well as on the sites sportbox.ru and matchtv.ru.

Source : MatchTV

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