Biathlete Natalia Shevchenko: “If we are allowed to participate in international competitions, we will show everyone that we are not a weak country”

Russian biathlete Natalia Shevchenko said she wanted to participate in international competitions to compare her level with the best athletes in the world.

This season, Shevchenko won the overall ranking of the Russian Cup and also became first in the sprint and pursuit rankings.

— When I was a skier, I also said several times that biathlon was an easy sport. When I switched to biathlon, I took back my words.

I would like to go to international competitions, at least for me, to understand what level I am at. If we are allowed in, we will show everyone that we are not a weak country,” Shevchenko said on .

The athlete announced his transition from cross-country skiing to biathlon in May 2022.

Source : MatchTV

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