Pidruchny: After seeing the horror in Vinnitsa, the whole team was in shock for several days

Pidruchny: After seeing the horror in Vinnitsa, the whole team was in shock for several days

The men’s biathlon team completed the training camp in Oberhof

Ukrainian biathlete Dmitry Pidruchny spoke about the features of the current summer preparation for the season in German Oberhof.

“In general, we went to work and understood why we were going there: to train in order to represent our state in the future. Of course, as soon as we crossed the border, it was unusual that civilian planes were flying, there were no sirens, there were no curfews. In this regard, being abroad is somewhat exciting, because every day you follow the news and see this horror. We especially felt it when we were in training in the morning, and then we opened our smartphones and saw what a horror happened in Vinnitsa. The whole team was in shock for several days. It is very difficult morally to train there when your family is in Ukraine. And to watch the atrocities that this terrorist country is doing and is doing, unfortunately.”

“As for the other national teams in Oberhof, there was a Czech men’s team there, but we saw them only a few times in training during the work process. Specifically, I did not communicate with their athletes. I saw that our coaches talked with the Czechs and heard that they also talked a lot about the war. We talked more with Eric Lesser, we had several meetings. Having the opportunity, I would like to once again thank him for his support for our country, for providing his Instagram page for the dissemination of information. He also gave us a long training session on a bicycle, during which we talked about various topics, of course, the main topic was the war.

“Honestly, he was fairly well informed. Eric fully supports us and he has no doubts on whose side to be. We had a very warm conversation and talked a lot more. His support for Ukraine is one hundred percent.”

Earlier, Pidruchny spoke about his own difficulties in preparing for the new season.

Recall that six biathletes of the national team: Dmitry Pidruchny, Artem Prima, Bogdan Tsymbal, Anton Dudchenko, Taras Lesyuk, Denis Nasyko and Daria Blashko, who works in the men’s team, spent the second summer training camp in Oberhof.

The Ukrainian men’s team will leave for the next training camp in Italy on August 4.

The Summer Biathlon World Championship will be held from 24 to 28 August in Ruhpolding, Germany.

The new season of the Biathlon World Cup starts on November 29 with a stage in Finnish Kontiolahti. The German Oberhof will host the World Championship in February next year.

Source: Sportarena

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