“If Belarusians receive medals at the Russian Championship, the prosecutor’s office will come to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and ask for it” – Maigurov

The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation is guided by official regulations when organizing the Russian Biathlon Championship, so if Belarusians receive tournament medals, questions will arise for the department, said the president of the Russian Biathlon Union (SBR) in an interview. with . Viktor Maygurov .

Belarusian biathletes participate in the Championship and the Cup of Russia outside the ranking. If Belarusian athletes win the race, they do not receive a medal and the organizing committee organizes two award ceremonies.

— One of the most discussed topics of last season was the anthem and medals of Belarusians. Will everything be the same next season?

— We will probably come back to this discussion, but we are acting in accordance with the regulations. And we approve the settlements with the Belarusians, we do not approve them alone. The Russian Championship is approved by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. I am not in favor of rewards being paid only to ours. It is clear that the sponsors are ours, but since everyone participates, then everyone should receive it on an equal basis. Because of the legislation, we pay three times more taxes, but that’s another story.

— The regulations of the Russian championship are approved by the Ministry of Sports, is it possible to agree with it regarding the anthem of Belarus?

— Yes, the Ministry of Sports approves the regulations for the Russian Championship, but we approve the regulations for the National Cup. The Ministry of Sports is not involved in any way in the organization of this tournament, nothing at all – zero rubles.

— At least at the Russian Cup, you can play the anthem?

— The anthem does not play at the Russian Cup. But this is a controversial topic and therefore we may return to prize money for Belarusian athletes in the future. For me, there are no personal barriers.

— Wasn’t the Ministry of Sports against the Belarusian anthem being played in Tyumen?

“This was done in agreement with the Ministry of Sports, but contrary to the regulations. Perhaps a decision on the anthem will be made next year. I repeat, it doesn’t bother me. Why is the Ministry of Sports doing this? They are guided by documents. If they award medals to Belarusians at the Russian Championship, the prosecutor’s office will come to them and ask: “On what basis did you do this?” In order to award medals, we need to make changes to our legislative document. We seem to be doing a good thing, but the inspection body may have questions,” Maygurov told .

Source : MatchTV

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