Maigurov spoke about the SBR’s multimillion-dollar spending on cartridges for the Russian national team

The Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) spends about 30 million rubles to supply ammunition to athletes of the Russian national team, the RBU president told . Viktor Maygurov .

Russian biathletes have been suspended from international competitions since February 2022.

— The next season will be the third after the suspension. Is the SBR in 2022 and 2024 the same organization with the same funds? Or do you have less money?

— The Ministry of Sports continues to provide funding. In general, the SBR budget increases thanks to sponsors, thanks to deductions from bookmakers. To a large extent, we use these funds to carry out all of our events.

— Are cartridges currently the most expensive thing in Russian biathlon?

— It takes about 30 million rubles per team for ammunition. Ammunition is expensive and this is a big problem for our regional teams. Skis, thank God, we buy them or buy them – and it’s not a problem. In absolute figures, we pay out about 100 million rubles per year in prizes, including to juniors. We have approximately 70 adult athletes and 110 juniors who received payments during the season. When we were in international history, nothing like this existed. Five men and three women made money there,” Maigourov told .

Source : MatchTV

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