Maigurov named the coaches who will lead the main and reserve teams of Russia for the new season

President of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBR) Viktor Maygurov has confirmed the names of the coaches who will lead Russia’s main men’s, main women’s, reserve men’s and reserve women’s national teams in the new season.

At the end of March, a meeting of the RBU coaching council was held in Tyumen, where it was decided to introduce the format of the main and reserve teams starting from the 2024/25 season. Last season, biathletes of the Russian national team trained in groups Mikhail Shachilov , Artem Istomine , Yuri Kaminsky .

— Is there a definitive answer as to who will lead the main and reserve teams?

– Yes.

— The main men’s team will be led by Yuri Kaminsky, the men’s reserve team by Sergei Bashkirov, the main women’s team by Mikhail Shashilov and the women’s reserve team by Artem Istomin, right?

– Yes, it’s exactly like that. We understand all orders. There is a question about the coach of the Kaminsky group, because Maxim Maximov is leaving. It’s his decision. There is talk of inviting a new coach to this position.

— Have you spoken to Andrei Prokounin?

— We spoke with Prokounin, but he has obligations in China, where he must work for another year. We exchanged opinions with him, but nothing more. Unfortunately, we do not have a reserve bench of coaches to hire and appoint,” Maigurov told .

Source : MatchTV

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