Athletistic / Others. The famous Russian commentator Dmitry Guberniev explained which sports he considers to be the main ones in Russia. He prioritized football.

“Football is the number one sport in the country. It’s already by default.

Commentator Ivanitsky apologized for scandalous remarks about Russian sambo wrestler at BRICS Games

But today, there are indeed sports that keep Russia afloat. I will highlight five main ones. These are football, hockey, figure skating, biathlon and, thank goodness, from the moment Match TV started showing ski races, skiing became one too. Five whales that keep sporting Russia afloat.

Other sports must continue to stretch and develop. We do our best for that, me as a journalist.

Athletics too. Recently there was an athletics week in Moscow. Race on Nikolskaya, memorial to the Znamensky brothers. The center of Moscow was crowded, like during the World Cup. People came to see and I want to say that the queen of sport must be crowned again,” Guberniev quotes Sport-Express.