“Well-wishers” from abroad predicted that I would be one of the first to leave Russia for Europe – skier Stepanova

skier Veronika Stepanova after participating in the Perm marathon, she wrote in her column on that six months ago “sympathizers” from abroad predicted that after the impending collapse of Russia, the athlete would be one of the first to leave for Europe.

– I remember very well how, six months ago, all sorts of “sympathizers” from abroad wrote to me, after reading and listening to their own media, predicting the impending collapse of Russia, chaos and the crowds fighting for Europe.

And I, from their point of view, should have been at the forefront of this current – on the grounds that I’m just very lucky to have time to make a career in Norway or Finland (for a some reason, not in Sweden – I can’t explain). Just walked into the crowd last weekend. The crowd is happy, excited, smiling. Nearly 10,000 people at the start of the Perm Marathon and the holiday atmosphere – writes Stepanova.

Stepanova won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics as part of the women’s relay. Since the summer of 2022, the skier has written her own column on the site.

Read the full text of Veronika Stepanova’s column on September 7 on the site.

Source : MatchTV

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