“In our country, 80% of sports equipment is foreign” – Levitin

Assistant to the President of Russia Igor Levitin Speaking at the conference “Sport in the Far East: Creating New Opportunities” at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), he spoke about the steps needed to improve the country’s sports infrastructure in the face of sanctions.

– Yesterday, at a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council, the question was raised, it is also related to sports, to make master plans for cities in the Far East.

We will have a sports council this year. The theme will be sports infrastructure. Somehow we didn’t pay attention to it, because I think 80% of sports equipment is imported. Now we have to quickly adapt to ours. Another important question, in my opinion, is who will provide and maintain this infrastructure. It also requires trained personnel.

The second problem that may arise is that we now have many countries that want to come to us for sporting events, and Asia is one of the biggest here. They are not only ready to come to competitions, but also ready to train here. But this requires infrastructure. And it’s also very important to us that the sponsors who help the sport don’t leave,” Levitin said.

Source : MatchTV

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