The President of the Ski Jumping Federation spoke about the upcoming competitions with friendly countries

Dmitry Dubrovsky, president of the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Federation, said that if Russia’s suspension from international tournaments is extended, competitions are planned with the participation of friendly countries, including Kazakhstan, Turkey, the China and Belarus.

– The decision to suspend winter departures again will be taken at the beginning of October at an international conference. So far, I can’t say with approval that we won’t be entering the winter period as usual. But we are considering a scenario where we will have to focus on competitions inside the country and we are preparing for it.

It is fundamentally important to maintain the methodology and the plan of training activities that we have. In this sense, the Ministry of Sports sets us certain tasks, and we try to maintain the level of competition within the team, including the kitty.

What are the plans for when the suspension is extended? The issue was discussed at the level of the Ministry of Sports, the Ski Sports Association with Elena Valerievna Vyalbe. But at the moment we haven’t increased the calendar of All-Russian competitions much. We organize competitions once every two weeks.

During the last presidium, the concept of international competitions between Russia and friendly countries was approved: Turkey, Kazakhstan, China and, possibly, Belarus. We have already conducted several negotiations with our partners. We will try to maintain competition with these competitions,” Dubrovsky told .

Source : MatchTV

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