“In training, he never finishes first.” Serokhvostov explained why Khalili added

Biathlete Karim Khalili got stronger through hard work in training and a properly written lesson plan, his teammate told Daniil Serokhvostov .

Khalili on Tuesday won the gold medal in the individual race at the Russian Summer Championships, which take place in Tchaikovsky (Perm Territory). An athlete from Moscow showed a time of 51 minutes 42.5 seconds with three misses. In the summer, Khalili and Serokhvostov moved from Yuri Kaminsky’s group to Artem Istomin’s group.

– Do you think that Karim is currently the strongest biathlete in Russia in terms of remote work?

– Of course, now Karim is the strongest from a distance. He already showed it in the Commonwealth Cups, I think if he had fought in all the races in Raubichi, the result would have been different over the distance, Serokhvostov said.

– Do you believe that Karim would be the first today after three failures on two borders?

– I totally believed it. He told me himself in Raubichi that he would win the individual, however, he said that with four zeros, but a win is a win. When I saw he missed three times, I thought he would win if he shot zero now.

– Because of what, in your opinion, he added?

– He added due to hard work in training and a competent plan. In training, he never finished first. If I was running or driving more, and he was already driving to finish, then he would turn around and follow me to do more. I think that trait and training plan helped him progress, but he will show any progress in the winter.

Source : MatchTV

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