Veronika Stepanova spoke to the ex-president of the Norwegian Ski Association

Olympic cross-country skiing champion Veronika Stepanova in her column on , she recalled a conversation in February with Eric Reste, member of the board of directors of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and at the time president of the Norwegian Ski Association, and also noted how Norwegian rhetoric has changed over the past six months.

In March, the FIS followed the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and suspended representatives of Russia and Belarus from international tournaments until the end of the 2021/22 season. In July, the suspension was extended until the end of the summer season. A decision on the upcoming winter season is expected to be made in October.

– I keep replaying a winter episode in my head. The very end of February, Lugna, Norway, world championship for juniors and young people. All Norwegian TV channels are filled with news about Russia, where our country is called names as soon as they are not marked. And the championship is launched and the winners are awarded medals not by just anyone, but by Eric Reste himself!

He’s a great man, not even in cross-country skiing – in skiing in general: (at the time) president of the Norwegian Ski Association, board member of the FIS.

And here in Lugna, every time, Resta must reward our skiers. And here we are with the flag and the coat of arms on the overalls. And the Norwegian official smiles at us, shakes our hands, doesn’t grimace. And rightly so – after all, sport is out of politics, after all there has always been such an attitude.

And now read what Rest, from March, began to say: “Yes, the Russians should not be allowed, but no one will understand that! ..” Had he had such a restructuring of consciousness? Or did they call / write from above? I don’t have an answer – I just remember a cheerful handshake and a rather friendly smile. Have you forgotten, Mr Rest? — wrote Stepanova.

Source : MatchTV

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