Ismailov’s brother told how he could fight in a nightclub with Magomed

Ramazan Ismailov, brother and trainer of an MMA fighter Magomed Ismailov , in an interview with , he talked about a funny story from the past, when the two brothers worked as security guards in a nightclub. Currently, Magomed is one of the most wanted fighters in Russia, and his fee in the battle against Alexander Shlemenko is estimated at $300,000.

– In security, Maga and I worked together. – says Ramazan Ismailov “”. – We had such a club “Zeppelin” at one in the morning closed. The three guys don’t come out. They say, “Five minutes”… Then another “five minutes”, and another, and they get up. One girl and three boys. Two healthy and such – a hyena … “me-me-me”. Muhammad once struggled with one, I understand that there may be a fight, but he himself is already older. I reassure Muhammad, and with the guy who spoke with Maga, I start saying obscenities. He’s mine: “Wa-ah-ah!” Let’s get out!” I say let’s go. They get out, I throw obscenities at them and close the door. “Hey ! Let’s return our things.” Haha, they’re already catching them, I think their girlfriend stayed there, and I took them to the door and that was it. I said, “Hey! You went.”

The moment is – I wanted to resolve everything without conflict, without a fight. Apparently, the Almighty has already proven right. I didn’t want a situation where someone could part with their life, but Muhammad always gets ‘ha ha’ from this story,” Ismailov told .

Ramazan Ismailov boxed at master tournaments in Dagestan and performed under the rules of kickboxing. Since 2018, he has been a permanent coach and second to his younger brother, Magomed Ismailov. Magomed’s statistics in MMA are 17 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw.

Source : MatchTV

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