“In combat, Peter does not perceive English very well.” Jan’s manager talks about O’Malley, Evloev’s injury and his love for Chelsea

Abdrakhmanov helped Yan sign a contract with the best league in the world in 2017. With him, Ian won the belt, lost it, took the provisional belt, lost it again and now came to a fight very media: Ian will fight with the flamboyant character (in all senses) Sean O’Malley, looking like a superhero. for teens interested in MMA. Right after Ian and Sean, TJ Dillashaw and Algemain Sterling will enter the octagon. Sterling is the reigning champion in the Petra category, and Ian wanted to beat TJ Dillashaw a year ago.

Dana White says the winner of the O’Malley vs. Ian fight will definitely fight for the title. Since this cannot be fixed in the contract, how were you made to understand that this would be the case?

– Of course, nobody gives 100% guarantees, but, as we understand, the fight between Peter and Sean attracts more attention than the championship fight (Sterling vs. Dillashaw. – “”), and now Dana White confirmed it, our expectations were justified.

– So we gave you this to understand in half clues?

– Can you say that. We all know how it works in the UFC – the fighter with the biggest streak doesn’t necessarily get the title. The title fight can get the fighter with the biggest name.

– Do you feel that there is little sporting sense in the fight between Ian and O’Malley? Yang is much stronger.

– I think Peter surpasses him in all aspects, he has the skills to defeat Sean and it all depends on him, how he will impose his style.

– You’ll be around – what should you watch out for when Peter fights Sean?

“It will be important to watch O’Malley’s movements and how he changes position. He works well when he’s in the opposite position with you. You need to see these moments, constantly reflect them, constantly create pressure, constantly hold on to them. And O’Malley is good when he’s shooting fighters, working as a front number, rushing. Someone thinks he’s a good counter-puncher, I wouldn’t say that, he needs to be crushed, pressed against the cage and not allowed to do his job, and those are just Peter’s trump cards.

– Is the public often skeptical when it’s not a professional athlete around, but just a person from the environment?

— I have been supporting guys since 2014, I go to tournaments. Usually I see the picture my way in battle; I’m not particularly nervous in the corner, I see errors, the general picture of the battle. Also, why am I around this time – Peter can’t really perceive English during the fight and John’s advice during the fight, I’ll translate for him (John Hutchinson, the striking trainer of Yan).

– Do you remember a clue specific to any of the fighters that would work particularly well?

– All the same, it all depends on the fighter to a large extent. And if you take breaks between rounds, then Rafa (Rafael Fiziev in the fight against Rafael dos Anjos. – “”) had a moment. The fourth round was over, he sat down and it was clear he was a little tired from the fight, and I was excited, because I was angry that he went to shake his hand every round. It seemed to me that it could only be done in the first round, and I said to him with emotion, “Stop shaking his hand.” He said there were five minutes left and he had to go out and turn on the first minute and start working. Just a little obscene – I won’t repeat. I believe it affected Rafael a bit, dos Anjos apparently was also brought in during the break, they both came out a bit pissed off and Rafa managed to strike.

– The Ian belt will be played by Sterling and Dillashaw. Don’t you feel like Sterling is the clear favorite?

– For some reason, no. I think Dillashaw is the favorite. Sterling’s advantage is his youth, his physique. Dillashaw, on the contrary, is already old and whether he can show himself in five rounds is a question. But Sterling also slows down towards the end of the fight. And in terms of skills, I think Dillashaw is better.

– Have you thought ahead of what you would do if one of the Sterling-Dillashaw pairings didn’t make weight. Would you be okay with Peter replacing one of them?

– I didn’t even think about it. Dillashaw and Sterling had no weight loss history, so there was no thought. Anything can happen, but it’s better to focus on the opponent you have.

– Did you watch the first round of the Sterling-Ian fight several times?

– Not. I think once. It seemed to me that Peter had won it through control of the octagon, through aggression.

– According to the results of this fight, Peter is praised for not being choked by a powerful grappler in the rounds he lost. But you can also say about Sterling that he didn’t let himself be knocked out by a strong striker, Ian. Did anyone say that to Peter?

– Yes, the errors are understandable, they are all on the surface. It was undoubtedly a mistake that he wanted to hit hard in the first round, but he just had to work his way.

– It was exciting that this fight was drowned in the words “brother, you have been sued…” “Sterling is a clown”… Are you satisfied with the analysis of the errors?

– Of course, many factors affected and remained unknown to the public, I simply cannot express them.

– Regarding the factors – why do you think Charles Oliveira, Islam Makhachev’s rival, brought 17 people with him to the tournament?

– I think they have a friendly team in principle and there are a lot of young fighters who maybe never left Brazil. He’s probably such a gift to the team now that he has the opportunity to bring everyone on. Also, it is no secret that Islam has more support here in Abu Dhabi than Charles and Charles brought his people with him.

What do you think of their fight?

– I love Charles as a fighter, I love his punch, I love his jiu-jitsu, I’ve been him since his first fight in the UFC, when he signed up as a skinny kid. I remember him because he looked like [на меня] physical, so I really like his work, but Islam has such a style … He minimizes the risks as much as possible, controls how fast and how far the fight will take place, in which plane and, I think, he will unfold be the same here. He wouldn’t take any risks, he would wear Charles out, wait for the moment. He will not work for the show and will patiently wait for his chance. And at the same time it will take turns.

– Don’t you think it’s a mistake that none of the rivals of Islam and Khabib tried to invite people with a combat sambo background to train?

Of course, this is a huge mistake. I think that is the mistake of anyone preparing for the Khabib room fighters. People invite wrestlers and train with them. And that’s a big oversight.

– Your fighter Movsar Evloev recently pulled out of the main event of the UFC tournament due to a knee injury. Can you tell me what happened?

– He got injured in the gym in the United States, there was general group wrestling training. At first an MRI showed it was a meniscus and a ligament, but in Moscow they did a second study and they said it was a rupture of two ligaments , the anterior and posterior cruciate. In this case, the knee simply does not hold anything and it would be impossible to perform.

– What does the reimbursement mechanism for CFU treatments look like?

– You have to write to a certain department of UFC, where they have their own doctor who assures all these points. In principle, everything is very professional from them, only in terms of payment, it is easier for you to pay for the operation yourself, and the UFC compensates. This makes the process easier. And when the insurance pays directly, it’s a bit more complicated.

– You wrote about Promotion One, saying a lot of people underestimate it – but what could be good for a fighter?

– If you are lucky, you will shoot and enter the number of favorites, you can get good fights, you will be paid, you will fight often. But you can fall into another category and it will be very difficult to get fights.

In any case, the ceiling is higher in the UFC, but in One the advantage is that many of the best athletes receive a salary and you do not depend only on the fights, but already every month you have a guaranteed amount . It’s that if they see a prospect in a fighter, they believe he can shoot one market or another: for Thailand and Malaysia.

– The UFC has a basic contract of 10 thousand dollars for an exit and the same amount for a victory for newcomers to the promotion. One less ?

– There you can agree on such terms, but I’m sure many agree on smaller amounts.

– Do you have a photo in social networks in the form of the Moscow “Locomotive” and are you a fan of this team?

– As a child, I followed Lokomotiv, I even visited the stadium when I was in Moscow. I remember they played with Chornomorets. I remember when I was watching, Smertin and Loskov were playing for them. And so I had been supporting Chelsea since 1998. I was just starting to watch football, picking the team I was rooting for and then they somehow came out on top, they had a playing coach Gianluca Vialli, Gianfranco Zolla played, in principle there was such an international team.

And only five years later Abramovich bought the club.

Source : MatchTV

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