Athletistic/MMA. Famous Russian mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko spoke about the conflict between his brother Fedor Emelianenko and Alexander Shlemenko. Earlier, Fedor said he considered it unlikely to shake hands with Shlemenko.

Alexander Emelianenko’s manager told when the fighter will hold the next fight

“If I were Shlemenko, I would be silent. Fedor created the MMA Union, he gave everyone the opportunity to perform – not only professional fighters, but also amateurs. He knows better how to run Union MMA. Understood, Shura? Shlemenko, instead of clowning around in an interview, get ready. I’m ready to date you by the rules of MMA, boxing, by all the rules. Ready to go out and kick your ass,” Alexander said on his YouTube channel.

“It’s a pity! Why put Zagitova in the face? – the head of the AMC league spoke about the fight between Buzova and Zagitova

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