MMA legend sends message to Adesanya after Poatan knockout

MMA legend sends message to Adesanya after Poatan knockout

One of the main legends of MMA sent a message to Adesanya and assured that Alex Poatan could have applied an even worse knockout in the fight

Alex Poatan could have ended the career of adesanya at the UFC 281🇧🇷 At least that’s what the technician believes Firas Zahabi, one of the greatest legends in the history of MMA and Ultimate. He went against the complaints against the arbitration and guaranteed that the attitude of the referee in ending the fight after the sequence of punches by the Brazilian was correct.

According to Zahabi, in an interview for a YouTube channel, Alex Poatan could have applied a blow that would end Adesanya’s career. In his view, the current UFC middleweight champion would have the chance to apply the “pedal”, also known as flying scissor knee. In his view, if the Brazilian hits the blow, Adesanya’s future in the sport could be different.


🇧🇷It was fair. Some referees would have let more time pass, some referees would have stopped. I think it was fair, I have no complaints. Alex Poatan could have ended – quite possibly – it could have ended Adesanya’s career if the referee didn’t intervene. If the referee didn’t intervene, a scissor flying knee would follow. The biggest scissor knee I’ve ever seen in all of combat sports is Alex Poatan’s“, assured.

🇧🇷Poatan threw some flying scissor knees into the fight, grazing Adesanya’s chin. Not making contact, but getting pretty close. In Brazil, they call this maneuver “pedalada”. As if you were pedaling. It’s an incredible blow from a giant that is incredibly explosive. He shoots incredibly fast. I thought when Adesanya was stunned like that that the knee was coming“, followed the explanation.

Alex Poatan defeated Israel Adesanya at UFC 281 (Credits: Getty Images)

Alex Poatan still completed and took the opportunity to congratulate the refereeing of the fight. It is worth mentioning that Adesanya was not satisfied with the knockout he took from his rival and, after the fight, he complained saying that he could have continued. Even so, in Zahabi’s evaluation, Marc Goddard’s posture was correct and precise to avoid something worse in the octagon.

Had Marc Goddard not intervened, it could have been a serious concussion. Broken jaw, broken orbital, even fractured skull. It could have been something that would ruin or end Adesanya’s professional career. I’m so grateful Marc Goddard stopped this“, finished.

Source: sportbuzz

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