“Fight in the territory of Gulamiryan. Now the child should not screw up and finally have a duel ”- Alexei Egorov

“Fight in the territory of Gulamiryan.  Now the child should not screw up and finally have a duel ”- Alexei Egorov

russian boxer Alexei Egorov in an interview with , he stated that Armenian-French WBA cruiserweight champion Arsen Gulamiryan would not be able to come out of the fight in his home territory.

On Sunday evening, Moscow time, in Cannes, Egorov will face WBA champion Gulamiryan. The Russian has 11 victories in the professional ring, while the Frenchman has 26 victories. Both remain undefeated. However, Gulamiryan last entered the ring and, as a result, defended the belt in December 2019, Egorov last boxed in March 2020. These boxers may meet in December 2021 in Yekaterinburg, but on the day even from the fight, a message appeared about Gulamiryan testing positive for coronavirus.

– Now, finally, you will wait for the opportunity to fight for the world champion belt. Do you believe yourself that in a day and a half you will be fighting for the WBA title?

“We were talking earlier about this moment in training. As in a dream – such a state. I still can’t believe it to the end, but the weigh-in is coming soon, and then I’ll believe it.

– You have already gone through the official weigh-in procedure once with Gulamiryan …

— Yes, yes, it was (laughs). Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

“What if it doesn’t grow even now?”

– Well, damn it… No. On his own territory fight, the child should not screw up. And if… Here, the WBA should take some kind of sanctions. If anything happens again, they should already be stripped of the title. But I hope everything will be fine.

– Tell us how to prepare against an opponent who last fought three years ago?

– Like everyone.

– Well, you must be equal to something.

“I never admired him.

– Okay, I’ll rephrase. What did you focus on when preparing Gulamiryan? After all, it may now be better or worse than its 2019 model.

– I don’t think he’s going to invent anything new there or surprise him with anything supernatural in his 35s. I don’t know – it’s unlikely to show anything new. We prepared for what we had. And I don’t think that will be a problem.

Full interview with Alexei Egorov:

Source : MatchTV

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