UFC: Khabib provokes Charles do Bronx and guarantees defeat for Makhachev

UFC: Khabib provokes Charles do Bronx and guarantees defeat for Makhachev

Idol in the UFC, Khabib provoked Charles from the Bronx and guaranteed that Islam Makhachev will not give the Brazilian any chance to regain his belt

THE UFC catches fire with the argument between Khabib, Charles do Bronx and Makhachev. After the fighters exchanged barbs on social media, it was time to Nurmagomedov defend your countryman. The former champion of Ultimate guaranteed that Oliveira will not have the same “luck” he had in his last fights against Islam. In an interview for “ESPN“, he guaranteed the Brazilian’s defeat in the possible next fight against the Russian rival.

First it was me, and now it will be Islam. It’s like my father said. He said, “The best lightweights of the last ten years are my students. When Khabib stops, it’s time for Islam to come.” OK, if they want to fight in Brazil, no problem. Let’s go to Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, no problem“, said.

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Khabib went on and snarled Charles from the Bronx: “We’ll arrive two weeks before the fight with a big team, rent a big house, hit the weights (unlike Charles). We’ll hit the weight. And we’re going to finish Charles in his game, on the ground, on Brazilian soil. Let’s teach the fans what control from above is, how we finish our fights. We’ll take the belt and leave. Let’s hug many brazilian fans, they will love Islam ground game“.

Even with all these provocations, Khabib Nurmagomedov said that he was impressed with the Brazilian at times. However, the knockdowns suffered during the fights make him suspicious about his real ability. By the way, the former UFC champion made a point of saying that there is no way the two can be compared, since he has never suffered from falls.

Charles of the Bronx is the big name in the lightweights and has been targeted by Makhachev and Khabib (Credit: GettyImages)

Charles impressed me a little bit, but he suffers knockdowns in all of his fights. This is bad for him. How many knockdowns were there in the last fight: Two or three? Against Michael Chandler, Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje he always fell. That makes him a little questionable. No one has ever touched my face, and it always falls. People can’t compare you to me. He crashed eight times in the UFC“, followed.

Please… who knocked for Jim Miller, Anthony Pettis, Max Holloway, Paul Felder was Charles Oliveira, not Khabib. If he wants to earn the title of the best lightweight in history, he needs to beat Islam Makhachev, Beneil Dariush and a few other guys, and then we can talk. And he needs to be professional and make weight when he’s got the belt“. explained.

Khabib sees where Makhachev can strike to beat Charles of the Bronx: “Looking at Charles Oliveira’s fights, I don’t think he can do anything against Islam on the ground, and Islam is great in the standup fight too. He hasn’t been touched by anyone in the last few years, and he’s fought Drew Dober and other guys who are good at striking. None of them touched him once or twice, and Islam dominated them all. In the last 11 months he has submitted four opponents“.

If Charles defeats Islam, we’ll have to give him all the credit. He will be the UFC lightweight absolute champion. I think he’s the champion, I really believe that. People talk about 250g, but I think he deserved to be the champion today. Charles has been doing a great job, but he’s not the absolute champion” completed.

When I retired, I was the absolute champion. Even so, what he has done is very impressive. He came from many defeats, and today he has a good ground game and a good standing game. Knees, elbows, kicks… he’s fine. That’s why I want to see you against Islam. It will be a great test for both“, concluded Khabib about the fight between the Makhachev and Charles of the Bronx.

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