Muhumat Vakhaev answered the question about a possible joint tea party with Evgeny Goncharov after the fight

Russian Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) Muhumat Vakhaev said in an interview with that he did not rule out the possibility of a joint tea party with a compatriot Yevgeny Goncharov after their second fight.

The fight will take place on December 23 at the ACA 150 tournament. In February 2020, Vakhaev picked up an early victory over Goncharov. Vakhaev has 11 wins, five losses and a draw in MMA, while Goncharov has 18 wins and three losses. The main fights of the ACA 150 tournament will be broadcast live on .

– Your first fight was really loud, and the warm-up for that fight got a lot of attention. Everything is much calmer now.

– No no. It’s kind of quieter for you on the outside, but for Zhenya and me, it’s hectic. It’s a revenge, in the octagon you will see this commotion. Yes, there was a fight before the first fight. It happened – they bit each other, went to the individual. And now we are adults, quite experienced fighters. We communicated and communicated after this fight, gave life advice, crossed conversations, in general. But we didn’t have meetings – we were friends on the phone. Our fight will be hot.

“You said that in the first duel you won with the spirit. In other words, do you consider yourself a more spirited fighter than Goncharov?

– (Laughs). This is my personal opinion. I think so. I’m not hurting him! If he wasn’t fiery, he wouldn’t go in the cage. There are no weak people in a cage, to get out here you need to be mentally, physically and psychologically prepared. To pass this stage, you must be a spiritual person.

– What is the probability that you will summon Goncharov on December 24 and meet for tea?

Everything is possible, how do we know. If he wins against me, then I will most likely be upset (laughs). And you can’t drink tea. If only after a while. And if I win against Zhenya, then I will try to invite him and convince him to do so.

Source : MatchTV

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