Athletistic/MMA. Nikita Burchak, the manager of Russian fighter Alexander Emelianenko, spoke about his parish’s possible fight against actor and showman Nikita Dzhigurda.

Alexander Emelianenko’s manager told when the fighter will hold the next fight

Earlier, Emelianenko Jr. and Nikita Dzhigurda had a comical battle of views during a Our Business league press conference.

“The question of the fight with Dzhigurda has become so publicized that, like, I will have to do it (laughs). Nobody has planned anything, moreover, they have already sent me a video of the public sterdown on social networks And then everyone who decided to be smart again showed their true colors. [Сульянов, президент Hardcore]: At first he says it’s, to say the least, an average fight, and after that he almost immediately brags that he had a fight with a healthy young man at Epic FC. Apparently he has some kind of his own understanding of ‘normal fights’: if he has a tournament, then it’s all inside,” Burchak said in an interview with RBC Sport.

Manager Emelianenko: “Dzhigurda is more worthy of a fight with Sasha than Cherkasov”

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