FBU vice-president: Zakhareev was supposed to reach the final of the European Championship. The referees of his fight were banned from boxing for life.

Ukrainian boxer left the championship with a bronze medal

Vice President of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine Mikhail Pozdnyakov said that the Ukrainian side achieved the removal of the judges of the semi-final fight of the European Championship with the participation of Yuri Zakhareev.

Zakhareev became the bronze medalist of the continental championship in the weight category up to 71 kg, losing in the semifinals to Briton Mohammed Harris Akbar.

“Zakhareev was supposed to reach the final. But the judges decided otherwise: they did not allow him to the final. Unfortunately,” Pozdnyakov said in a statement.

“Yes, our delegation did not agree with the conclusions of the judges. After the duel of Zakhareev, the entire Ukrainian team even entered the ring, where they stayed until four in the morning. Everything to make Ukraine heard. We have been heard. A special commission was created, which reviewed the fight several times with the participation of Yuri and recognized his victory.

“According to my information, the judges who conducted this fight were banned from boxing for life. It is good that such judges will no longer work at international competitions. But what of this to Yuri, who was deprived of the opportunity to compete for gold? Due to the fact that there are no protests in Olympic boxing, we were not able to protest the result. I think if it was possible to challenge the result of Zakhareev’s fight, Yuri would be in the final.”

In total, at the European Championship in Yerevan, the Ukrainian team won four bronze medals, which were also won by Dmitry Zamotaev, Yuriy Shestak and Ivan Sapun.

Recall that last year Zakhareev won the gold medal of the world championship in Belgrade in the light middle weight.

Source: Sportarena

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