Boxer Kudryashov says he didn’t do ‘nothing special’ for fight with Vagabov

russian boxer Dmitry Kudryashov in an interview with , he said that he did not develop special preparations before the fight with a compatriot Vagab Vagabov .

The boxing match between Kudryashov and Vagabov will take place on June 11 in Moscow and will be broadcast live on .

– I have always weighed well over 90 or even over 100 kg. Even when I boxed the first heavyweight, so I didn’t gain much,” Kudryashov told .

– What are the maximum weights you have lifted in deadlift, bench press?

– Everywhere for 200 kg. For once. As they say – a littlesmiling).

– For the duel with Vagabov, as they say, did you shoot more iron or did you prepare like a boxer?

– And boxing, and iron. I didn’t do or prepare anything special for this fight.

“Was your camp full?” Or did you prepare more seriously for previous fights?

“I seriously prepare for every fight. And here everything was fine. It’s clear that every fight is the most important in your career, but now it’s a different case. This is not a fight for a place in the ranking, but a fight for the fight.

– In the expression “to fight for the pleasure of fighting” a kind of negligence sounds. Or did I misunderstand?

– Misunderstood. Now what time… We are not in the rankings, we are not fighting for any belts and so on. It’s good that there is an opportunity to fight in stories like this. Vagabov is a non-professional boxer. But he has talent, he acted like a pro, we even fought once in the same show. This guy knows how to box.

Vagabov, 36, has 28 wins, one loss and one draw in MMA. In his last fight in October 2021, he defeated Hassan Yousefi and won the AMC Fight Nights belt. After that, Vagabov played by the rules of boxing.

Due to Kudryashov, 36, 24 wins (23 by KO) with five losses (three by KO) in the professional ring.

Source : MatchTV

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