“I realized it would only be two minutes.” How the grappling world champion saved people from a fire in Moscow

Late in the evening of February 21, several Telegram channels immediately reported a fire on Mezhdunarodnaya Street in Moscow. Later it was learned that a high-rise building, a hostel building was on fire and seven people died in the fire. A 23-year-old Chechen athlete, Akhmed Chalaev, who was passing by, pulled an elderly woman from a smoky apartment into his arms. Ahmed’s only wish in an interview the next day was to have him fight under MMA rules.

– My friend and I were walking, I saw a girl screaming “help” from the balcony. We immediately went to this entrance, went up to the fifth floor. At first, the Ministry of Emergency Situations wouldn’t let me in, but I walked into this apartment. I see that there is fire, smoke, I say to the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations: “Give me at least some kind of mask, I will go there. They didn’t, and I just put on my balaclava and left. I saw that there was a grandmother, who was already completely ill. And everything was already on fire. Without a mask, you can stay there for a maximum of two minutes, I calculated that I would have two minutes, and I managed to get her out of there in my arms. She was conscious, but she was no longer well. And I just got her out of the apartment, and my friend had already taken her to the first floor. I didn’t see her again, she went somewhere.

– Is the temperature strongly felt there?

– I’m telling you, you can stand there without a mask for two minutes.

– Did you leave right away?

– Yes right now. Yesterday I only gave one interview, today I wake up, advertising agencies are already calling me, everyone is thanking me, I didn’t expect it.

– They write that you are the grappling world champion.

– I won the world championships in Minsk and Moscow. Now I am learning the technique of percussion. If there are fights for me in MMA, I am ready without problem.

— Who was the strongest opponent in grappling?

– There was a guy from Dagestan, Gadzhimurad Alibekov. Do you want to fight me with him?

“I’m not sure I can. Can you tell us which is the most common?

– Hanging (arm pain. – “”), you’re in my [социальной сети] look, I have all the contractions here.

– And when do you want to play MMA?

“At least in a week, I can. Lester? 70 kg.

will send information about Akhmed Chalaev to Russian MMA promotions.

Source : MatchTV

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