Former ACA champion Evgeny Goncharov says he wants to try his hand at boxing and calls Shtyrkov a desirable opponent

Former ACA champion Evgeny Goncharov says he wants to try his hand at boxing and calls Shtyrkov a desirable opponent

Former ASA heavyweight champion Yevgeny Goncharov in an interview with said he was not against trying boxing and named Ivan Shtyrkov as his desired opponent.

On Friday in Krasnodar, Goncharov will face the quarter-final of the Heavyweight Grand Prix with current ACA belt holder Alikhan Vakhaev. Due to the 36-year-old Goncharov’s 19 wins and three losses, he has been playing in the ACA/WFCA since 2017. Goncharov is already hosting his third camp with former WBC silver champion Dmitry Kudryashov. Shtyrkov lost to Magomed Ismailov under boxing rules in early March.

– If something goes wrong, I have options to try boxing. I like it, I’m good at it. In this sport, I could try myself.

– You said you’re good at boxing. Don’t tell me who gave you such an appreciation?

– Dima Kudryashov says he is fine. He asked me if I was ready to compete in boxing. I answer: “Ready, why not?”

– Is there a desired opponent in a duel according to the rules of boxing?

– You can start with MMA fighters trying their hand at boxing. It would be possible to try with Shtyrkov if he hadn’t lost to Magomed Ismailov. Shtyrkov just wanted to box with Dima. I think he should have fought with me first, to at least understand Dima’s level. To just dream a little of Dima’s boxing. First, try to treat me.

– You just threw a poster of Goncharov – Shtyrkov …

“I think that would be interesting. But he unfortunately lost to Maga. By the way, the fight wasn’t bad, close, but the judges raised their hands in that direction. Therefore, now Ivan is not in a winning situation. Although in boxing people often lose. Therefore, it was possible to hold a duel, despite the defeats, Goncharov told .

The Potters have an exclusive contract with the ASA, which leaves one fight. In case of victory over Vakhaev, the agreement is extended, in case of failure, the third number among Russian heavyweights will be a free agent.

The ASA 154 tournament, in the main battle of which Goncharov and Vakhaev will perform, will be broadcast live on on March 17, the broadcast will start at 22:00 (Moscow time)

Source : MatchTV

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