“It would be interesting for Sanka Emelianenko to fight not with me, but with her brother.” Vyacheslav Datsik returns to action

“It would be interesting for Sanka Emelianenko to fight not with me, but with her brother.”  Vyacheslav Datsik returns to action

Vyacheslav Datsik is today one of the most popular fighters in Russia. Datsik fights quite often, and by completely different rules and almost every week. It is not even necessary to look for an explanation for such a density of performance, everything is on the surface. Datsik follows the well-known phrase “strike while the iron is hot”, and any appearance of him attracts attention.

On the eve of the battle with Mondragon on March 25 at FC Ural, the correspondent spoke in detail with Datsik and found out how the odious fighter will defeat the inflated Brazilian. You can also learn from this interview:

— What associations does Datsik have with Samara;

– is the duel with Sergey Kharitonov interesting;

– attitude towards Alexander Emelianenko;

– why didn’t he put Bader in a fight with Fedor Emelianenko;

– Can Datsik call the last emperor the greatest fighter.


— What should I think of Mondragon. Let’s go out and fight. Why should I think of him, – Datsik started a conversation with .

– Behind his powerful stature hides a powerful fighter?

– They don’t give me other fighters, he’s a strong fighter. Let’s see who is the toughest.

– Mondragon fought with many Russian heavyweights, but lost to almost everyone. Can this discredit your possible victory or, on the contrary, make your possible failure even more fatal?

“I don’t think I will be an exception. I’ll send him to a deep knockout.

How are you going to defeat the Mondragon?

– As on the street – I will make firewood from it. Silent hard blow. How else to win? I will try not to bring it to the judges’ decision so that no one steals.

– Tell us about your first emotions when you learned that you were going to organize a kickboxing match?

Almost Muay Thai. The almost native anarchy, which was in a bar in the 2nd Krasnoarmeyskaya. A fun place – Friday, Saturday, Sunday… Three fights per night.

– In a duel with Pavel Shulsky in December, you seriously injured your hand. In the photo after the operation he looked, to put it mildly …

– Now all is fine. Now I have a titanium fist. There was an operation, they glued my arm. The doctor said not to disturb the hand for three months. Here, the duel will take place exactly three months after the operation. But you still have to prepare…

– Do you have ties with Samara, where will your confrontation take place?

— Pleasant and gay town. I already fought in Samara in the early 2000s, but I did not see these records on the Internet. It would be interesting to find. By the way, about Samara… They made me a silicone cap. A good mouth guard for each tooth, but they called me in the stalls, and it split – the material was soft. And I almost lost my teeth. I remember it well, and it was in Samara.


“Do you have any desired opponents you would like to fight with?”

– I would like to take my revenge on Jérôme le Banne (against whom I lost in December 2019 in K1). If there had been a good fight with Sergei Kharitonov, we would have had a powerful fight.

What is the reality of this meeting? And how interesting will it be for Kharitonov?

– The fight is real. Kharitonov said he would get back into shape and was ready. Especially after laying Sasha (Emelianenko) in bed. The fight would be cool. We are heavy, we have a blow, we don’t like to run. Usually we would cut beautifully and the fight wouldn’t be long – either I would hit Seryoga and he would fall or Serezha would hit me and I would go down. There will be a knockout for anyone in this battle, even, I think, in the first round.

– What are the rules? MMA, boxing, kickboxing?

– Never mind. According to what they will offer, we will kill ourselves according to such. I repeat, I would also like to fight with Jérôme le Banne. In the first duel I was after a serious illness.

We had to fight Kharitonov either in 1999 or in 2000. There were fights in Moscow, the president of the Muay Thai Federation (Erik) Kaibyshev decided that I was not ready. In other words, our fight could have taken place more than 20 years ago. Serega is a serious fighter who is still in the ranks. He, like me, started knocking everyone out in the late 90s. We are the old guard, we can show a fierce and bloody battle. We can show you how we used to fight. Not like now… Some kind of cut or scratch, and the fight is over. We really used to lie in our own blood and fight to the end.

– I remember that you recently arranged a meeting with powerlifter Mikhail Koklyaev to announce your boxing match.

– There will be an offer, I am ready to send Mishan to sleep friendly. Mishanya is a normal, cheerful guy.

– In addition, at the end of December, your second fight with the Brazilian Saulo Cavalari failed due to a previously announced hand injury.

– Yes, yes, I was injured in a duel with Pasha. Cavalari, having met me, had many serious fights, won victories over good fighters. Well he wants revenge, why not give it. He thinks what happened in our first fight was an accident, but I can only prove otherwise.


– Do you want to have a second fight with Alexander Emelianenko?

So we practically had a second fight.

– Well, I don’t take this “minute” into account. However, this is not a duel.

“Shit, Sana needs discipline. So Sanya felt like tearing me up and knocking me out, so he held on, got in shape – he didn’t drink. He wanted to tear me apart. Sanok needs specific opponents, specific goal and task, so he purposely prepares. He needs fights, he needs training. He has to be sent to training camp for him to have a purpose.

– Could this goal be a rematch with Vyacheslav Datsik?

“First of all, we solved all our problems. There is no hostility and desire to slap him, as there was before. It would be much more interesting for Sanka to fight not with me, but with her brother. Get hacked.

I’m not sure the two will agree.

– Accept. They have personal issues and confrontations. It would be a cool fight – which of them is the strongest. When we were traveling with him, he said what he thought about Fedya and said that we needed him… It would be a cool fight, who is responsible in this family.


– Fedor ended his career by losing to American Ryan Bader in early February?

– Fedor had to prepare well for Bader, given that age and there is no point in fighting in a standing position. Also, he’s not a stupid person, he’s fought a lot and understands that Bader is a good striker. Like most wrestlers do, he showed a shot from distance over a mile and dives into his legs after a run and then into the stalls to look for his win. And then … Fedya missed a shot, fell, they sat on him and scored. Which was basically predictable. With Bader, there was no need to imitate some kind of boxing. Yes, Fedi used to have high-speed, explosive punches that he could clearly punch in the jaw. Age takes its toll – speed decreases. And now Fedor was faced with a strong and prepared opponent, who was both younger and constantly in battle. The outcome of this fight was predictable.

I was very angry with the draws – there were limits on the bet amount. I didn’t want to bet on Fedya, but it was impossible to bet a lot of money. As a result, he became uninteresting to me.

– So you wanted to bet on Bader?

– I knew very well that Bader would slap him a second time. I fully understood that Fedya went to this fight to make money. He figured he wouldn’t pay the Bellator champ that much money to bring him down. I understood all that very well, so I was 100% sure of Bader’s victory. Moreover, Fedya fiercely and professionally did not prepare for revenge to defeat Bader.

– Who is Fedor Emelianenko for you on the scale of the whole of MMA?

– Fighter.

“Legend, the greatest heavyweight of all time, the greatest fighter…

– I don’t know.


will broadcast Ural FC live in Samara.

Source : MatchTV

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