Cara de Sapato breaks his silence after being expelled from BBB23

After being accused of sexual harassment, Cara de Sapato recorded a video for social networks and apologized for the mistake made

After being expelled from “BBB23”, the fighter shoe face published a video on social networks and broke the silence about the case. Last Thursday, the 16th, the athlete was eliminated from the game after being accused of sexual harassment. The episode involved the participant Dania Mendez and caused huge repercussions among lovers of the program.

I’ve always valued the care and well being of all people and honestly I never imagined in my life getting involved in a situation like the one I’m living now”, he continues. “At the moment, I didn’t realize that I could be crossing the line . For me it’s a moment of deconstruction“, began Cara de Sapato during the video.

“I had to watch everything to be able to understand and then be able to reframe my view on this. I understand that these are attitudes that can never be normalized. But I believe that the most important thing is to apologize from the bottom of my heart to Dania and her family and with all the women who were affected by this attitude of mine“, continued the fighter in his report.

I’m a fighter and I fight for good causes, I’ve learned both to celebrate my victories and to learn from my mistakes and my defeats. And that’s exactly what I’m doing now, learning and maturing with all this“, concluded Sapato Face.

Cara de Sapato had an important time in the UFC (Credit: GettyImages)

Speaking of career, Antonio Carlos Junior hasn’t been in action since 2021. That’s because the athlete suffered a serious knee injury and needed surgery to fix the ligament. Prior to that, he had won the title at PFL MMAwhich earned him something around R$ 5.5 million for the victory achieved in his career.

It is worth mentioning that Cara de Sapato is a former fighter of UFC. After three defeats in a row, the athlete was fired by the organization and left for PFL MMA, where he won an important title. Throughout his career, the Brazilian fighter beat the Italian Marvin Vettoriwho is still in the UFC and had a tough fight against the champion Israel Adesanya.

Source: sportbuzz

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