Kamil Gadzhiev named the strongest Russian heavyweights outside the UFC and Bellator

AMC Fight Nights promotion manager Kamil Gadzhiev believes that the ACA and AMC Fight Nights champions are considered the best heavyweights in Russia, among fighters who do not have contracts with North American leagues.

At the moment, the ACA league champion is Evgeny Goncharov, 36 (23-3-1), and the AMC Fight Nights title belongs to Grigory Ponomarev (6-2, 27).

– It turns out there are two: Goncharov and Ponomarev, so objectively. I don’t remember, are any other organizations playing heavyweight belts? It seems that is not the case. So it’s both? they are the two best heavyweights.

– In terms of MMA, can you now compete with the ASA on offers, on interesting fights?

– If we’re talking about private stories, then yes. And speaking systematically, no. I can’t now open a million dollar grand prix at eight weights. If I do that, it’ll be a gamble. If you opened a grand prize for a million dollars, then you should put a million on the table. ASA has such an opportunity. I would probably put in a million, but two would be gone. And they already have a suitcase with 8 million dollars lying around, and they don’t deceive a priori anyone. But in theory, I can offer Ponomarev a specific fight that will be more interesting for him than moving to ASA. Because I can organize an event for him, where he will earn a lot of money, etc., but it will be a unique story,” Hajiyev said.

At the AMC Fight Nights 119 tournament, heavyweight Grigory Ponomarev defended his championship belt by defeating Yusup Shuaev after finishing in the first round.

Live broadcasts of mixed martial arts tournaments take place on the federal channel, matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru websites.

Source : MatchTV

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