AMC Fight Nights Heavyweight Champion Grigory Ponomarev spoke about negotiations with ASA

AMC Fight Nights Champion Grigori Ponomarev after defending the belt, he assessed the possibility of his transition to the ASA league from Grozny.

At the AMC Fight Nights 119 tournament, Ponomarev knocked out Yusup Shuaev in the first round. It was the third heavyweight fight since Ponomarev lost in Arkhangelsk last March and won the Sochi tournament in October. In the third fight, Ponomarev defended the organization’s heavyweight championship belt.

– To develop, you must be in the system. To fight with those who are higher and more serious, and those who are higher and more serious, it’s the ACA guys. Let’s be honest, they have already signed Kirill Kornilov, I congratulate him with all my heart on his victory. Cyril and I sometimes, how to say, “hang out” with words. He congratulates me and I congratulate him on his victories. Zhenya Goncharov, for whom I supported. The same Vakhaev, who is a little smaller, I am not strong in their names (there are two heavyweights in the ASA with the surname Vakhaev: Muhumat and Alikhan. – “”). The same Tony Johnson seems to be an adult and not very sporty person, but he is very good. And it is only on this that you learn, and on this that you grow.

— Is there a specific proposal from ASA?

– Yes, there was a specific proposal from them, but I told Aslanbek [Бадаеву], that so far “no”, because there was such a gap when there were moments leading up to the fight with Shuaev and I can’t spray on everything. I said that I must first reach a point and then speak. I say: “The fight continues and at least call me at 6:00 am, we will talk. Before that, you can send me the conditions, I can look at them, but I can’t answer anything, so only come after the fight. So we agreed with him, we shook hands from a distance, we understood each other and now we are waiting. And again, I have to talk to Kamil Gadzhiev, because I fight in his league. And he had a huge impact on my career. He is also the imam matchmaker. I think I’m a good person, since people help me for some reason. – Ponomarev said in an interview after the fight.

Grigory Ponomarev is 27 and made his professional MMA debut in 2020, after competing as an amateur. Ponomarev was also engaged in kudo and freestyle wrestling in Kemerovo.

Live broadcasts of mixed martial arts tournaments can be viewed on the federal channel, and websites.

Source : MatchTV

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