UFC fighter Borshchev received offer to extend contract with UFC on improved terms

Russian lightweight Vyacheslav Borshchev told that after the second UFC win, he could sign a four-fight deal with the promotion with improved financial terms.

At UFC Fight Night 223, Borshchev picked up his second UFC victory with a TKO victory over Khayisaer Maheshat (9–3 in MMA). In the fight, Borshchev suffered an eye injury, but ended the fight in the second round. The Russian fighter signed a contract with the UFC, after winning the Dana White Challenger Series, and made his league debut in January 2022.

– I just received a new contract – there are more serious and pleasant figures. In other words, I realized that the UFC was about to promote me, but the opponents will definitely prepare for me.

– Can we say that you have signed a new contract?

– So far, they sent me the conditions: numbers and that it will be a contract for four fights. I liked the financial side. Good conditions, turned out a little more than I wanted.

– Did you meet Dana White after the fight – did you personally ask him for such a contract?

Honestly, I don’t even remember what we talked about. I was blind there, on emotions. It was just nice. I didn’t even know we were going to him, I thought during the interview. And then once we go into some kind of garage, and now. In fact, what I love about America now is that they don’t feed me fish here. They give me a cane. And Dana White gave me a fishing rod. What more can I ask of him, he gave me the opportunity to go out, beat some faces and earn money for it. What more can I ask of him? Borshchev told .

The last fight provided that the athlete had to pay 11,000 dollars to enter the fight and the same amount in case of victory. The total payment to Borshchev, taking into account the bonus for participation in promotional events, amounted to 26.5 thousand dollars.

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Source : MatchTV

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