“What is happening around the battle of Alexander Emelianenko is madness, cynicism of the highest degree” – fighter Kalmykov

Derived from Alexander Emelianenko On the eve of the May 26 fight, this can be called savagery, a Russian fighter should not be allowed to fight, Mukhamed Kalmykov, known for his bare-knuckle performances, nicknamed Cyborg, told .

On Friday, Emelianenko will fight under MMA rules with blogger Yevgeny Ershov.

– What is currently happening around the Battle of Alexander is absolute madness, cynicism at the highest level. I understand that there is a tournament coming up, that everyone wants to win money, including Alexander, but how can a person in such a state be allowed to fight? How can he pass the medical examination? And I’m not talking about some moral and human rules, according to which his relatives and the organizers are simply obliged to remove him from the fight.

A person 2-3 days before the fight literally barely walks and speaks with difficulty. I don’t know what happened there, because a week ago he was much happier, but it’s a fact. The fact that he is arguing with a blogger means nothing. There is a 100kg blogger who has eight fights, albeit in MMA pop. He’s a big guy who knows how to fight. For Alexander in this state, he is a dangerous opponent who can seriously damage his health.

Where are regulators looking? Who is responsible for sanctioning fights in this tournament? There are a lot of questions here. But Alexander certainly should not go out in this state. A person needs guardianship and treatment, not beatings in a cage, Kalmykov told .

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Source : MatchTV

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