“Everything doubles if you look to the right” – UFC fighter Borshchev spoke about the aftermath of an eye injury

Russian lightweight Vyacheslav Borshchev told that after the UFC Fight Night 223 tournament, he had to seek medical attention due to an eye injury sustained in a duel with Hayisaer Maheshat.

Despite sustaining eyeball damage from an opponent’s punch, Borshchev won by second-round TKO after a combination of punches. For the Russian, this is the second victory in the UFC.

– An interview came out with you, where you said that you removed a “piece of meat” from your eye. It’s been five days – have you been able to put it back?

“Maybe I expressed myself illiterate there. It turned out – when I was washing in the shower, I saw that I had blood. He started pulling it off, and it was bound by some sort of film in his eyes. In general, he did not withdraw in any way, and I began to literally withdraw him. You know, it kinda reminds me of half-boiled eggs. Only this one was bloody. And I pulled it out of my eye. I think it’s still visible.

– You said you were at the doctor’s when we started arranging an interview. What did the doctor say?

“It turned out that there was nothing to worry about, everything was fine. Today, for the second time, I was at the doctor’s, not in the emergency room, but in the usual one. She says that the swelling has not subsided yet. It is necessary to wait for it to go away, because at the moment everything is doubled, if you look to the right. To the left, down, forward – this is normal, – said Borshchev at .

Before starting his MMA career and entering the UFC, Borshchev participated in kickboxing, representing the Volgograd team at the Russian championships.

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Source : MatchTV

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