“Alexander Emelianenko and Ershov put on a show. Each of them fulfilled their role” – Kamil Gadzhiev

AMC Fight Nights chief Kamil Gadzhiev in a conversation with commented on the fight Alexandra Emelianenko and blogger Evgeny Ershov.

Friday in Moscow, Alexander Emelianenko beat Yershov with a painful hold in the second round.

– Can the main battle be called a battle?

– You predicted my answer in the question. I wouldn’t call the last fight a sporting spectacle. I have to say right away that I liked the tournament. There was energy in it, nice people. About the main fight… It wasn’t a fight, but they both had fun, made money, entertained people.

– In the comments, there are the words “clownery, ordinance” and so on.

– This is one thing – people write it in the comments, another – an official says it. And it’s me. And I won’t tell. When you say “A”, you must say “B”. The word “decree” must be proven and substantiated. I won’t. I’ll put it this way: it’s a show. And the people in the cage – Alexander Emelianenko and Ershov – put on a show. Each of them played their part. If you treat it like that, then in general the show is even very personal,” Hajiyev told .

Live broadcasts of MMA tournaments take place on the federal channel, as well as on the matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru websites.

Source : MatchTV

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