“Alexander at the moment really needed this victory” – manager Emelianenko

victory for Alexandra Emelianenko in its current state was simply necessary. The Russian fighter’s manager Nikita Burchak shared this opinion with .

Friday in Moscow, Alexander Emelianenko beat blogger Yevgeny Ershov with a painful hold in the second round. Before this fight, Alexander Emelianenko lost to blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko, and before that, in a boxing match, he was knocked out by Vyacheslav Datsik in the 13th second. Also on this show, Ivan, the youngest of the Emelianenko brothers, made his MMA debut, defeating another representative of pop MMA, Alexei Ledenev, by unanimous decision of the judges.

– As a manager, I have not yet realized how cool it is. Representing two Emelianenko brothers at once in a tournament, in which both win … This is at least a very memorable event. I’m happy for Ivan, he won in a good fight. Although it can also delay the opponent. You have to thank your opponent. Ledenev is progressing in terms of MMA, he has great respect. Alexander’s fight turned out to be a winner, based on Yershov’s respect. Apparently Ershov wanted to win with little bloodshed, but climbed into the stalls and got a wound. I am happy that Alexandre was brought up in this fight. He really needs it right now,” Burchak told .

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Source : MatchTV

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