The International Judo Federation has decided to award the gold medal of the World Championship to Russian Tasoev

The International Judo Federation (IJF) reviewed the results of the World Championship finals in the weight category over 100 kg with the participation of a Russian Inala Tasoeva and decided to award the gold medal to the two participants in the fight.

Tasoev won silver in the over 100kg weight category in mid-May, losing in the final to three-time French Olympic champion Teddy Riner. Afterwards, the IJF acknowledged the judges’ error in the final duel, stating that “points for Tasoev’s counterattack could have been awarded”.

– During the final fight, there was a situation in which neither the referee on the mat nor the IJF Refereeing Commission gave a single score. After a thorough analysis by experts, according to the rules of arbitration in force, a score could be attributed to the counter-attack of Inal Tasoev.

Therefore, the IJF declares the two athletes the winners of the competition and awards Tasoev the gold medal and the corresponding ranking points. official site IJF.

Source : MatchTV

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