Ngannou will earn more fighting Fury than in his entire UFC career

Earnings for the former UFC heavyweight champion Francois Ngannou for a fight under the rules of boxing with the owner of the World Boxing Council (WBC) belt Tyson’s Fury will exceed the earnings total for all of his 14 fights in the mixed martial arts promotion, rep Ngannou Markel Martin said.

The fight under boxing rules is scheduled to take place on October 28 in Riyadh.

– Let’s just say the fees are so high that he can just deposit the money on the way to the bank. I don’t know what the haters are trying to say right now, I just blocked it but they’ll be wrong again. It changes life. This is exactly what we had planned and implemented, so we are satisfied”, quotes Martin The Score.

When asked if Ngannou would get more for his first fight in boxing than he had earned in his previous 14 UFC fights combined, three of which were title fights, Martin replied with the affirmative.

– My God. I mean several times. To earn that money, even as a champion, he would have to fight multiple times, he says.

Ngannou has 17 MMA wins with three losses. The 36-year-old fighter in the last mixed martial arts fight defeated Cyril Gan and defended the UFC heavyweight belt. He then left the promotion and lost the title. Fury has 33 wins in 34 fights in the professional ring.

Source : MatchTV

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