Taktarov said after winning UFC 6 his pants and Olympic shirt were stolen from him

The first Russian holder of the UFC championship belt Oleg Taktarov recounted what happened in the octagon after winning the UFC 6 tournament.

– I’m going to get up, because I still had a little strength, but Ken Shamrock jumped on me with congratulations, told me to lie down, turned me on my side and covered me. Of course I realized it would be nice to play along. Then they put a mask on me with a pinched valve, I almost died in it and asked to take it off, but I didn’t speak still not really English. Everyone had to be in a cell, I had no idea that was a really cool world show. For many, it was important to appear in front of the camera for at least a second. It was immediately a guarantee of seminars and students, so everyone clung to me: Guy Mezger, in whose club I trained, Buddy Albin and others. There was even a purebred Ernest Cherokee. Everything went well, as always.

There was no one to talk to, and there were so many friends at the time, but those who were really friends with me drifted away at that point. I didn’t have much joy, but there was an idea that now I can definitely have a rematch with Dan Severn. Then they stole my Olympian, my pants and all the mementos I had. Maybe in ten years someone will come back or see them on e-bay. I put on a kimono and went to the head check. I told them that I hadn’t taken any serious beatings, that I was just dehydrated and that after drinking a glass of water, I would be fine. But I couldn’t really explain it, and they played by their rules. I even had to pay something for this hospital. They said the head was fine, but there was no more water in the body. Therefore, I was poured two packs of saline solution and I was waiting all this time,” Taktarov told MMA.Metarating.ru.

Taktarov at the UFC 6 tournament defeated American Tank Abbott in the 18th minute of the showdown by rear naked choke.

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Source : MatchTV

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