“I heard a crack that lasted almost three seconds.” How Muhammad Sulumov missed the lock and injured his opponent’s knee

muhammad sulumov 27, a 9-2 MMA stat, he’s been performing since 2015. Sulumov has long tried to strike a balance between being seen as a well-mannered athlete and a standout athlete, and finally managed to find it. The fight with Akhmed Aliyev was such that you want to convey it in Telegram. In 45 seconds of the fight, Sulumov was first knocked down, then tied his opponent to the ground and made such pain that the audience didn’t even understand. All of this earned Sulumov the AMC Fight Nights championship belt.

The end of the fight turned out to be so mysterious because Muhammad heard the crack of the opponent’s knee, the referee stopped the fight after seeing the injury (the rule allows it), and the new champion was really upset that the fight ends with the sound of ripping ligaments.

– You missed a roundhouse kick – how fast did you recover?

– When I was down there, I was already clearly aware of what, where and how. But he ended and it hurts, although usually such blows to the head do not make themselves felt. On the one hand, I felt that his blows were heavy, and on the other hand, I understood that I had his leg in a good hold.

– Could it be that he knocked you out 30 seconds ago with a roundhouse kick with the same leg?

– My hand was up to the head, but he hit the hand with his heel. In the temporal or occipital part, and therefore I myself did not see the moment. But I know his rotunda is good.

– Did you realize in combat that you hurt your opponent because you heard a crack?

– There was not just a crack, but a long crack, about three seconds. This kind of makes me a little nauseous. I wanted to upgrade to the knee brace, but it twisted and there was already a twist in the heel. But I couldn’t reach the heel so I wanted to push it further. Since my legs are wide and the knot was strong there, when I pushed him away trying to reach the heel, I tore his knee.

– You didn’t celebrate the victory, because you understood that you were injured?

– Yes, it was generally unpleasant. I feel sorry for Ahmed too.

Is this the first time this has happened in your career?

– I quarreled, I made such a “canary” move to a person, he comes from sambo. He also cut his knee. And there was the same feeling. But there was a not so loud creak.

– Who taught you such pain?

— I go to grappling and BJJ. If I could do a knee twist, I’d say I learned that in SAMBO, but twisting the heel is more like jiu-jitsu. Although there are few places where this can be done, it is rarely practiced in theaters. There, the pain as such did not begin, I locked his knee, wanted to pull him away from me and gave him a strong jerk. Here, rather, the position was important, because, in principle, it is appropriate to turn around, to move on to other rounds.

– What did they say to Ahmed when he was lying and you bent over him?

– That I didn’t want to hurt him, I didn’t want to tear his knee. I thought about pushing it back and then having a reception. I wish you a good health.

– Do you believe that you will fight again against Ahmed?

“I wouldn’t, but if he wants to, I can’t run away from him. But I hope this fight doesn’t happen again. He’s a good guy.

For the moment, I do not see any opponent in the league. It would make sense to fight champions from other promotions and expect a big fight. I don’t want to fight just for the sake of fighting. How can I fight with a “leftist” person after Ahmed? I beat Ahmed Aliyev! I only need a high level.

– Your fight was watched by Marif Piraev and Mohammad Heybati (known as Persian Dagestan, – “”).

– I already said that according to MMA they should not fight me. I’m on a winning streak, I haven’t lost since 2017. I fight in the top leagues with the top fighters. Therefore, they don’t shoot with me in MMA. But according to other rules … Let’s say, in kickboxing with Marif, and in boxing – with Persian (Heybati). In MMA, they don’t interest me.

– Do you think Kamil Hajiyev will be able to sign Eduard Vartanyan for a duel with you?

– If Kamil makes an adequate offer … Vartanyan himself says that everything depends on an adequate and tempting offer. I want big fights, but he’s already had his big fights and he’s basically waiting for a check. And I need to combine business with pleasure.

– Gadzhiev seemed to be waiting for you to turn harder to Vartanyan.

– He himself indicated that he was interested in this fight if there was a check. What am I going to tell him? He is a mature and intelligent man. We’ll never have that foul language when they’re watering each other. This does not happen in normal fighters. So do I have to be hard on him? If Kamil makes a good offer, then this fight will be. Or if the ASA comes to an agreement… They come to a common ground and we are ready to fight on their site… Let’s go, I’m ready.

– Did you discuss the bonus with Kamil Gadzhiev?

– One million rubles for a quick win, not including expenses. It was an exclusive bonus from Kamil Hajiyev. Now it will be the rule of Sulumov and Hajiyev. I need something out of the ordinary.

— You are from Chechnya, but you fight in AMC Fight Nights. Are you often called to the ASA?

– They don’t call me. We said goodbye because they had a full roster of lightweights and I couldn’t make a play-off. They didn’t call after that. Now I’m not going to fight with my teammates. It would be interesting to fight with Eduard Vartanyan.

Who have you sparred the most with?

– Among those you know is Mehdi Dakaev. Imam Vitakhanov should now debut in the ASA, he works powerfully with his legs, follow him.

You seem smaller than the other light fighters. How much do you weigh between fights?

– 83 kg. I really have heavy bones, it’s true. The legs are large, the calves and the bones are not thin. It makes it difficult for me to drive.

Who is the best lightweight in the world?

— Islam Makhachev.

– That is, you are not going to argue with this popular opinion.

– No. If someone wins against him, then another question.

– But in Russia?

– I think Vartanyan. He won the Grand Prix against the current contenders. Abdulaziz, ACA champion, but he needs to defend. And me.

– And your American visa?

– I want to get a visa, let’s think about how to do everything. Naturally I want to go to America, but until they do I might have a big MMA fight in Russia. I will not fight just for the sake of fighting.

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Source : MatchTV

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